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Pick-Up Band
Upcoming Pick-Up Band dates can be found on the quarterly dance calendar.
PCD's Pick-Up Band (PUB) is open to anyone playing any instrument at any level!
We provide a limited number of sets of music and mics (but only to those who want to use one!), and a warm welcome to all. PUB has been a musician's training ground for many years and an inspiration for all as both newer and experienced musicians play side-by-side.
If you'd like to receive email announcements about upcoming PUB gigs (which include a link to download the music planned for that night), you can register hereFor further info, email Larry Koplik.
Here are some guidelines for bandleaders (PDF) when preparing tunelists for the pick-up band.   [NOTE: Here is the RTF file which was the source of the PDF].
All the old tunelists (as of Dec. 2017) are available in the pickup band's Google drive area.  Many tunes are online in the tune repository (bandleaders should request a logon there to see the hidden tunes) .  Also, there are a few scanned tunes online (these may be removed if added to the tune repository instead) .
The previous pickup-band website has been archived; to view it, download the .zip file, open the folder, and click on the index.html file.
Tune Lists and Tunes
You can download the tune list and tunes as PDF files for these dances:
The above plus additional resources are available here:
Music and schedules for the Mixed-Age Dance (MAD) band played at family dances is on the Family Dance page at:

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